Board of Directors

Barry BurnsSpiritual DirectorThe Community Spiritual Director is elected annually by the board and is selected from among the clergy who have been involved in The Walk to Emmaus Movement in that community. The CSD acts as spiritual leader of the Emmaus community, helping the board remain centered on Jesus Christ, focused on the purpose of the Emmaus Movement, and aware of God’s presence in the decision-making process. The CSD participates in the walk Team Selection Committee and recommends qualified clergy for Weekend Spiritual Directors.
Alan AdamChairperson/LDThe Community Lay Director also chairs the Board of Directors and is elected annually by the board from the returning board members to serve during the upcoming year. The Community Lay Director, with the support of the Community Spiritual Director, oversees and orchestrates the activities of the Emmaus community. The CLD plans and conducts board meetings and makes sure board members follow through on their assignments. The CLD coordinates educational sessions for the board members.
Scott SmithLeadershipThe Leadership Director is elected annually by the board. The Leadership Director is responsible for maintaining and updating the Lay Director, Team and Spiritual Director Manuals and Talk Packets as needed and distributes LD supplies and information. The Leadership Director contacts and schedules the (Board Approved) Lay Directors and LDITs for each Walk. The Lay Director supplies include laptop computers, projectors, Walk Weekend instructions and schedules, helpful forms and information for team meetings and weekend preparation, hand crosses, and other misc. supplies as needed. This position also receives and maintains archive information (ie: walk weekend pictures, manuals, etc).
Margie SmithSecretary / TreasurerThe Secretary is elected annually by the board and is responsible for recording the minutes of all board meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting and counting all offerings taken, making bank deposits, paying bills, and providing financial reports to the board.
Lynn WagonerAgapeThe Agape Director is responsible for coordinating all agape for walks. This includes sorting and delivering table agape, snack agape, personal agape, etc. The Agape Director is responsible for contacting the Website Director to make sure agape signup opportunities are listed on the website.
Dana SmithCommunications / NewsletterThe Communications Director is responsible for all communications to the community. This includes publishing the Joyful Noise newsletter, email announcements, prayer concerns, etc.
?Good ShepherdThe Good Shepherd organizes reunions and maintains share groups. The Good Shepherd works with Lay Directors and table leaders on pilgrim follow-ups after each walk. This includes explaining servant opportunities and recruiting volunteers. The Good Shepherd also communicates directly to the community encouraging them to pray about sponsoring someone and to volunteer for walk weekends.
Roger GoebelKitchen – AllThe Kitchen Director is responsible for coordinating all kitchen duties for all walks during the year. The Kitchen Director is strongly encouraged to recruit kitchen leaders for the following: purchase of food, kitchen setup/cleanup, shift leaders, etc. The Kitchen Director is on-site periodically during a walk to ensure the kitchen is running smoothly. Contact Website Director to make sure kitchen signup opportunities are listed on the website.
Kurt PlouckLogistics – AllThe Logistics Director is responsible for logistics for all walks during the year. This includes setup and takedown activities, cleaning responsibilities during the walk, and coordinating with the logs on the walk.
Jenn Van VorhisOutreachThe Outreach Director’s main focus is to help grow the community by introducing Emmaus to organizations and others outside of the NWO Emmaus/Chrysalis community. This includes visiting local churches, speaking at functions, etc.
Mike AtherineRegistrationThe Registrar is responsible for all walk registration activities. This person supports the Community and Walk Lay Directors. The Registrar Director is the main contact for anyone who wishes to sponsor a pilgrim.
Emily WiddowsonSocialThe Social Director is responsible for setting up, serving, and cleaning up food at sendoff, closing, and reunions. Social is also responsible for ice cream after candlelight.
Ray SudheimerSponsorshipThe Sponsorship Director communicates with sponsors of upcoming walks, send’s sponsors 3 letters, conducts sponsorship training, and provides cross necklaces for the pilgrims.
Lori StrohmaierSupplyThe Supply Director is responsible for maintaining and ordering supplies for walks and the Community.
Bryan BorcherdtTeam SelectionThe Team Selection Director is elected annually by the board and is responsible for coordinating and directing the Team Selection Committee, inviting Chrysalis representative to Team Selection Committee meetings, making sure Team Progression logs are updated, assisting each Emmaus Lay Director with team formation, and helping with Chrysalis team selection committee. The Team Selection Director is not a member of the Executive Committee.
JoAnn CousinoWorshipThe Worship Director is responsible for planning the gatherings, candlelights, and closings. This includes setup, takedown, communion, music, sound, PowerPoint operators, and cleanup.
Alan AdamDatabase Management (non-board member)The Database Manager maintains the community computer database.
Beth FigleyMusic Director (non-board member)The Music Director is responsible for scheduling people to provide music at all candlelights, gatherings, walks (as needed), etc. The Lay Director for each walk can use the Music Director as a resource in looking for a music director and special music. Any community members who have musical interests should contact the Music Director for music opportunities. The Music Director will actively seek new community members who may have a gift of music and encourage them to use their music talents at Emmaus functions.
Alan AdamWebsite Manager (non-board member)The Website Manager oversees all changes to the NWO Emmaus website. The manager is also responsible for maintaining all signup opportunities listed on the website such as: volunteers to work at upcoming walks, prayer vigils, signup opportunities for board member teams, etc. The manager or designated assistant will contact team leaders and update the signup opportunities before each walk.
Andrea ThurstonAssistant Spiritual Director 

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