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What is Emmaus?

The Emmaus Weekend is a spiritual renewal program intended to strengthen the local church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders. The program’s approach seriously considers the model of Christ’s servanthood and encourages Christ’s disciples to act in ways appropriate to being “a servant of all”.

Help (Questions or Email List)

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Dates for Walks

Please sponsor, these walks will NOT be cancelled! 

2024: Sept. 5-8  Men’s Emmaus Walk #76 at Wesley UMC in Bryan
2024: Oct. 3-6 Women’s Emmaus Walk #92 at Maumee UMC

*Sendoff: Thu 6:30pm (no childcare provided)
*Candlelight: 8:00pm (childcare provided)
*Closing: 4:30pm (childcare provided)

*Only graduates (adults, teens) of Emmaus, Chrysalis, Cursillo, Tres Dias are invited to attend.
  Family members who have not attended a renewal weekend can not attend.


2025: Feb. 27 – Mar. 3  Men’s Emmaus Walk #77 at Maumee UMC
2025: Mar 27-30 Women’s Emmaus Walk #93 at Wesley UMC in Bryan


2025: Oct. 2-5  Men’s Emmaus Walk #78 at Wesley UMC in Bryan
2025: Nov. 6-9 Women’s Emmaus Walk #94 at Maumee UMC

Upcoming Gatherings

2024: August 24 – Summer Gathering at Alan & Vicki Adam’s Home

9031 Stitt Rd., Whitehouse
4:00pm  Fun starts
5:30pm Potluck dinner. 
7:00pm Praise & Worship

2024: Oct. 12 – Reunion Gathering at Waterville UMC

5:30pm Reunion (only after a set of walks)
     Reunion is open to new community members & sponsors.
     Team members can attend if room and are encouraged to sit in the back.

Agape Suggestions

Please provide enough agape for pilgrims and team, not just pilgrims.  (50 pieces per walk)

Kairos Prison Ministry

2024: Sept. 19-22 #38
2025: April 3-6 #39

Closing: Sunday at 12:15pm

News from your Northwest Ohio Emmaus Board


Emmaus board meetings: 7:00pm, 2nd Thursday of each month at Liberty Chapel.


Maumee UMC, 405 Sackett St., Maumee, OH  43537
Hope Church of Delta, 101 Northwood Drive Delta, OH 43515
Wesley UMC, 903 Center St., Bryan, OH, 43506
Epworth UMC, 3077 Valley View Dr., Ottawa Hills, OH  43615 (Toledo)
Liberty Chapel UMC, 9475 County Road V, Liberty Center, OH 43532-9757
Waterville UMC, 7115 Waterville Monclova Rd, Waterville, OH 43566
Genoa Trinity UMC, 387 Main St., Genoa, OH 43430



Silent Servants

Remember we are SILENT SERVANTS! This means we come, serve and leave. We do not attempt to converse with the team or pilgrims. If it is possible to stay out of sight that is even better.
  1. When serving meals do not converse with the team or pilgrims. Just deliver their meal with a smile and move on. If you are a sponsor, do not change the serving order just to give your pilgrim their plate. If it works out in the normal order of things for you to give your pilgrim their plate fine, but don’t change things to make it happen. Don’t serve your pilgrim and leave. Please stay and help until all have been served.
  2. If you want to help, PLEASE sign up on the webpage before Thursday evening. The kitchen chairperson will check to see who is signed up before the walk starts, but may not have time or access to be able to check it during the weekend.
  3. Signing up in advance on the website is a huge help. It allows the kitchen chairperson to plan ahead and know who will be coming to help for that time slot.  If you do not sign up on the web please understand that those that did sign up will be used in those slots first. If we have too many you may be asked to do some other task.
  1. Sign up for the set-up, luggage angels, and shower angels needs to be prior to Wednesday so the logistics chairperson can make plans for the weekend.
  2. Sign-up for Sunday tear down needs to be before Saturday.
  1. Sign up for Thursday needs to be before Wednesday.
  2. Sign up for ice cream party needs to be before Friday.
  3. Sign up for Sunday closing needs to be before Friday.
It is vitally important that we have silent servants to be able to have successful walks. It is also important that we do so in an orderly fashion. PLEASE continue to sign up and help…and come with a willing heart to do whatever job is needed.

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